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Monday, December 27, 2010

Angie Debo by Lynda


As the year draws to a close, we want to thank the entire community for its involvement in giving the Stillwater Public Library the city’s first municipal sculpture.  Angie Debo, noted Oklahoma Historian and resident of nearby Marshall, Oklahoma, now sits in front of the library with the seals of the 38 federally recognized tribes of Oklahoma surrounding the base.

It was an amazing three year process with many thanks to everyone who contributed to the statue fund; to the community-wide committee which stuck it out the entire 3 years to see our efforts become a reality; and to all the citizens who showed their enthusiasm and support. 

Phyllis Mantik, local Stillwater artist, was chosen to sculpt Angie Debo and she did a marvelous job and was an absolute joy to work with on this project.  She also created the concept for the seals to be placed around the base after the committee decided it wanted to honor the connection between Angie Debo and Oklahoma’s Native American tribes.  After each Native American tribe provided permission for their seal to be used, Phyllis had to redraw each seal to the specifications of the company which produced the bronze versions.   That was a truly amazing undertaking.

If you have not yet had the opportunity, stop by the library to view the sculpture and read the plaque to learn more about Angie Debo and her accomplishments.  If you missed the dedication on Nov. 18, visit to see the entire event or a short video of all of the festivities.  Afterwards, come inside the library to locate a copy of the many books we have written or edited by Debo.   And if you really want to learn more about Angie, contact the OSU Library to view the Angie Debo special collection and several items that were in Angie’s home.  My favorite is her typewriter. 

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