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Monday, August 28, 2017

Wanted: artifacts from Stillwater’s old library by Robin Cornwell, Library Board President

Did you know that the first meeting of the Stillwater Library Association took place in May, 1922?  Forty-eight people signed the membership roll at that meeting, and Stillwater’s first “free” library opened in rented rooms at the United Brethren Church parsonage in January, 1923.  Later that year, Mrs. Harriet Woodring was hired as “Keeper of the Library” at a salary of $25 per month.  The library was open 3 hours each day, except Sunday.  From humble beginnings, the Stillwater Public Library has grown to become a bustling center of activity for the whole community!
I’ve had the pleasure of volunteering at the Stillwater Public Library for several years, and I’m currently working with Adult Services Librarian Stacy Delano to produce a permanent display about the history of the Stillwater Public Library.   Over the past year, I’ve spent many hours leafing through scrapbooks and library board minutes, taking notes and searching for highlights and meaningful tidbits of information.   

The library has lots of good historical data, but not very many artifacts. Might you have materials relating to the old library at the corner of 6th Avenue and Husband Street?  If you have an old library card, “date due” slip, library program flyer, poster, bookmark, or any library artifact from before 1994, we’d love to see it!  

To share your historical library item, please get in touch with Stacy at , or 405-372-3633, extension 8124, or bring your item to the library during regular open hours.

Being a library volunteer is fun and rewarding. I encourage anyone with an interest in books and reading to support the community by volunteering at the library.  There are a few special events coming up this fall, like LexiCon on Sept. 9 and the Fall Used Book Sale Sept. 21-24, so become a library volunteer, and be a part of the most happening place in town!