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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Leaping Lizards! by Lisa

 Was your child born to be the next Albert Einstein or Bill Nye the Science Guy? Well then, the Stillwater Public Library has a program that they were born to do. “Born to Do Science” is a fun educational program for children in third through sixth grades.  The theme of the session this week was LIZARDS and everyone had a great time.  If you missed the program and need to freshen up on your reptile knowledge, here are a few good books you and your child should crawl your way into:

The Pebble First Guide to Lizards” by Zachary Pitts is a greater starter guide to skinks, geckos, anoles and many more varieties of lizards.  Lizards” by Nic Bishop is a photographic book with appealing facts on the life of lizards.  It’s just been ordered, so visit the Help Desk to put a hold on this one.  

 There are even some great mystery books written about lizards too! Geckos don't have eyelids, so try not to blink when you read, "The Mystery of Mr. Nice: From the Tattered Casebook of Chet Gecko, Private Eye" by Bruce Hale. Hale has an entire series based on this slithering sleuth.  

Fiction lovers can put themselves on the hold list for the just out of the lizard hole, “Lizard Music” by Daniel Pinkwater.  In this book, a young boy meets a group of lizard musicians who just happen to also be aliens!  And speaking of musicians, why not check out the new Monty Harper CD “Songs from the Science Frontier,” to get you in the mood to do science.  Harper creates a new song for each Born to Do Science session and is sure to have a great new lizard tune to debut.

So keep an eye on our calendar, look for the monthly sessions of “Born to Do Science," then make like a chameleon, and try on the many colors of science.

** UPDATE** The April 23 "Born to Do Science" has been moved to April 9 (1pm to 4 pm) when we will celebrate "Nano Day" with The Wondertorium! **

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