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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

For the Birds By Gayla

Spring has finally arrived in Stillwater and my yard is full of birds.  There are birds in trees, on the lawn and in my flower beds. There is even a new nest being carefully constructed on my front porch.   

I love awaking each morning to the sweet sound of birds singing.  Did you know birds learn new songs just like people?  I always thought their songs were the same old tweet, but as they grow older they learn new songs.  One bird in particular, may sing thousands of different songs.  That could possibly be more songs than you can put on your IPOD!

Birds have something that NO other animal has.  Do you think you know what it is?  Have you ever wondered why cardinals are red or if woodpeckers ever get a headache from hammering on wood?  Do you know what a Hoopoe, Frogmouth, Bee Eater, or Blue-footed booby is?  

If your kids ask questions like these, then “Everything Bird” by Cherie Winner is a fantastic book with colorful photographs that will answer everything kids really want to know about birds.  The library’s bird books can be found in both the Children’s Easy and Juvenile areas with the call numbers 598, 598.2, 598.29, and 690.

Want to set up your own bird buffet?  Check out “Feeding Our Feathered Friends” by Dean Spaulding.  Once you build a bird feeder and house, it won’t be long before lots of feathered friends stop by for a tasty bite!  “Make Your Own Bird-Houses and Feeders” by Robin Haus is another easy book with step-by-step instructions along with recipes for a homemade feast birds will love!  It will be a wonderful day when the birds move in and make themselves right at home!  

 Remember, food and shelter are gifts you can give to any bird no matter where you live.   

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