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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to School by Levonn

School is now underway and we all want our children to do well.  One of the most basic skills they need is to be a good reader, so why not help them by being a good reading role model. Your child walks like you, talks like you, and absorbs everything you do, so set the right example when it comes to reading. 

1.  Surround yourself with reading material. Books don't belong only in libraries and classrooms. Make the written word a part of your living space, with books, magazines, and newspapers readily available. 

2.  Draw attention to all the things you read.  Practice reading labels or instructions together. When you share information from books, pamphlets, recipes, etc., you'll show your child how knowledge is largely shaped by the things we read and how reading connects us to the world.   

3.  Buy or borrow books together. When you go to the library or book store, let your child come along. Even if you aren't looking for anything in particular, practice the art of book browsing and admiring. Make an event out of it, and your child will learn to be exhilarated by the sight of books.  

4.  Don't be a solo reader.  Share the Sunday comics, thumb through your favorite magazine together, or share tidbits from your newspaper or books.  You will show that reading in not a solitary activity.  

5.  Read for leisure. Show that reading isn't work. Cuddle up with a good book and you'll model how reading can be just the thing to make your day.  

6.  Bring something to read everywhere you go. From the office to home, or even the living room to the bedroom, make sure you're equipped with reading material — for yourself and your child.  When you have some extra minutes, you can show that reading is a constructive (and fun!) way to pass the time.  

7.  Emphasize the universal importance of reading. Librarians, teachers, students, mechanics, lawyers, doctors, architects, athletes . . . everyone reads.  Make a habit out of living through reading.

Stillwater, OK

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