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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Winter Reading Dreamland by Levonn

Will Rogers Kindergartener, Dylan Campbell, and his mother Julia Campbell turn in a ‘Winter Reading Dreamland’ activity log to librarian Levonn Collins at Stillwater Public Library. 

Stillwater children have been busy reading books, writing book reviews and designing book covers to earn points for a for “Winter Reading Dreamland,” a program which encourages students to read outside of school for pleasure.  Over 120 children have signed up to earn prizes and chances for Visa gift cards. 

The children have done a great job with their reviews and book covers.  Here are some of the books they have enjoyed and their very discerning comments and opinions about the books:

·           “Runaway Ralph” by Beverly Cleary- "I liked it because it was a mouse story."  Miriam, age 7.

·           Platypus” by Ginjer Clark- "It had cool facts about a platypus and her babies."  Emalee, age 5.

·           Two Messy Friends” by Barbara Bottner- "Grace is neat and Harriet is messy.  They are best friends.  It is funny."  Alissa, age 7

·           Thirteen Ways to Sink a Sub” by Jamie Gilson- "The kids decide to see who can sink the sub (substitute teacher) first, the boys or the girls.  The substitute plays tricks on the kids.  The principal hires the sub again.  I liked it.”  Kaitlynn, age 9

·           One Saturday Afternoon” by Barbara Baker- "Mama Bear needed some alone time, but her four cubs wanted to come, too.  So Papa Bear did stuff with them instead of Mama."  Olivia, age 7

·           Ribsy” by Beverly Cleary- "Ribsy is a dog.  He goes to the shopping center with his owner.  And gets lost.  The way he gets home is, he gets stuck on a fire escape.  I liked the story because he gets stuck on a fire escape." Abbie, age 7

·           Amelia Bedelia” by Peggy Parish- "Amelia Bedilia is funny so funny.  But I liked the dog."  Kelly, age 7

There is still plenty of time to join the program.  It runs through March 27.  Come into the library and checkout what the kids like to read and also checkout our Winter Reading Dreamland Program.

Stillwater, OK

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