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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bullying by Gayla

Bullying seems to be on the rise and can happen to anyone.  With all the hype surrounding the upcoming documentary “Bully” (aka The Bully Project), I wanted to let parents, caregivers, children, teens, adults, and teachers, know about the many resources available on this topic at your local Stillwater Public Library.

Working in both public and private schools for many years, I have seen bullying first hand.  I can tell you that it’s very real and happens everyday.  Bullying can have tragic consequences such as suicide, often from the cruel words of children. 

Bullies Are a Pain in the Brain” by author Trevor Romain (Juv 302.3) uses jokes and cartoons to teach tried-and-true ways to deal with bullies.  You will find yourself laughing with Trevor as he shows you how to become Bully-Proof.

“Adventures With Travis And Presley:  How to Deal with a Bully” by Travis Brorsen and Renee Settlemires (E 371.5) features Presley being bullied and shows how he learns to deal with a bully.  This easy-to-read book also comes with an optional accompanying DVD.

Bullies And Victims” by Suellen Fried can be found on the Juvenile Parent’s Shelf (371.5).  Advice is given to parents and educators to help children handle the devastating trauma of being bullied and provide concrete solutions to reduce bullying.
As we struggle to find answers, help can be found in our Children’s department.  We have fiction and non-fiction, easy and juvenile books, DVD’S, and books on the Parent’s Shelf.  Many lives have changed because of bullying.  We need to take a stand and do all we can to stop bullying.  Children are too precious!

Stillwater, OK.

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