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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Out Door Projects by Brenna

I love the outdoors with the natural air, light and the sounds of nature all around.  Unfortunately with the temperatures as they are now, I just cannot stand the heat for long.   The high temperatures have me dreaming of ways to make the outdoors tolerable.  

I started looking at books we have here at the Stillwater Public Library to get an idea of what it would take to bring one of the projects together.  “Pools and Spas: Ideas for Planning, Designing and Landscaping” by Fran Donegan and “Pools and Spas: New Designs for Gracious Living” by Alan Sanderfoot both have outstanding ideas and are relaxing books just to look at.  Some of the great ideas in the books included using the plans to create heated pools for use during the winter and making salt water pools to bring the ocean into your back yard. 

Unfortunately, renting a backhoe to dig a pool is just a little too big of a project for me.  So, I decided to focus on decks.  Several of our books provided me with just the right ideas.  The Complete Guide to Decks” by Black and Decker and “Decks: Plan, Design and Build” by Steven Cory are DIY books with creative plans and helpful tips.  I decided that I would start small and add on if I got the hang of it by the time I finished the first deck.  Fingers crossed, next year, when the temperatures are running this high, I will have a nice cool place to sit outside while eating or reading a book. 

For more books on great outdoor projects, look in the non-fiction sections at 643 (Housing & household equipment), 690 (Buildings), 684 (Furnishings & home workshops), 712 (Landscape architecture), 717 (Structures in landscape architecture) and 728 (Residential & related buildings) or just ask at the Help Desk.

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