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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Unworkable: get organized at work by Stacy

If you walk from desk to desk at your workplace, you’ll see a wide variety of organizing techniques.  A few people will have a clean desk with every paper and project filed in an exact place.  Others have stacks upon stacks of papers in different piles so they can see everything on which they are working (that’s me!).  Still others have a spotless desk, but if you check their drawers they have papers and folders crammed in every which way. 

Whatever the method of organizing being used (or not used), few of us have probably sat down to thoroughly analyze and think through the best way to manage the incoming and outgoing material that passes our workspaces each day.  On Wednesday, Jan. 23 from Noon to 1 p.m., you’ll get that chance!  Professional organizer Shannon Cowan will have a lunch seminar on how to make your workspaces more efficient and cost effective.

The program and lunch are free.  Registration is required by signing up online at, emailing or calling 405.372.3633 x106.  In the meantime, you may want to brush-up on some of these skills with a few of our books:

The Organized Executive by Stephanie Winston – this office organizing classic covers streamlining paper, using efficient filing systems, taking control of your schedule and executing long-term projects.

Making Work Work by Julie Morgenstern – the organizing guru takes on office organizing and introduces small steps you can make in your thinking and behavior to not just organize your work, but also to manage your time and your office relationships.

Home Office Design by Neal Zimmerman – this book covers design side organization and considers actual workstation needs, power requirements, furnishings, storage units, ergonomics and more.

Paper Flow: Your Ultimate Guide to Making Paperwork Easy by Maryanne Bennie – Bennie gives tips and sets out systems for tracking paper throughout its life.  Useful for home accounting and work.

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