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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tales about critters

Critter Tales” is coming soon and we’re all excited to see the live animals coming into the library! Since we are librarians we also love to read about our favorite animals and their protectors.  These are some of the great books that we recommend to your little critters:

Miss Elizabeth’s Pick: “Wild Wings” by Gill Lewis.
“Wild Wings” is a must read for budding nature lovers.  Callum is young Scottish boy who vows to protect the osprey that has made a nest on his family farm.  During the course of Iris the osprey’s nesting and migration, Callum experiences friendship, loss, and philanthropy.  

Miss Paula’s Pick: Animal Ark series by Ben Baglio.
Animal Ark follows the adventures of young Mandy Hope and her friends. Mandy loves animals and likes to help out at her parents' veterinarian clinic but she often finds animals outside the clinic that need help, too.  Mandy is always willing to go out of her way to help an animal in need.  This series is wonderful for any youngster who longs to spend time with and help animals. 

Jim Arnosky is one of Miss Mary’s favorite nature authors.  For small ones just learning about the wonders of wildlife across the world, Arnosky uses factual information and his exquisite artwork in a manner appealing to children.  Beaver Pond Moose Pond is one of her favorites because she loves beavers!

Miss Levonn’s Pick: “The Buffalo are Back” by Jean Craighead George. 
This Sequoyah nominee is an enjoyable history of the buffalo starting with the multitude that lived in Oklahoma and the Great Plains to their near extinction, and then back to the many herds that now roam in our national parks.  I have seen buffalo wallows on the farm I grew up on and have always enjoyed thinking of them up on the hill, watching over the calves and protecting them from predators.

While we are thinking of the predators you might also want to read “The Wolves are Back” also by Jean Craighead George or “When the Wolves Returned” by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent.  Both of these books point out how wolves were also brought back from near extinction and are a necessary part of the natural ecosystem.

If you and your little readers want to investigate more facts about animals check out the 570s through 599 in the nonfiction sections.  There you will find a wide range of other books the librarians enjoy, such as:

And if you cannot find your favorite animal, just ask at the help desk and we would be more than happy to track down any book you need. See you at Critter Tales on Tuesday, February 26th at 4:30pm!

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