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Monday, March 4, 2013

Dragons in the Library by Brenna

This winter, penguins have been popping up into our children’s winter reading program; lots of live wild animals visited the library last week; and our friends from the city Animal Shelter visited to talk about cats and dogs.  Everyone has been talking about animals in the library and discussing their favorites.   My favorite animal is a little less traditional than everyone else---the dragon!  A mythical animal yes, but animal still the same.  There is such a broad range of ways dragons can be depicted.  Your imagination can take them in any direction-- good or evil, large or small, sentient or your average animal intelligence and than you have magic abilities as well.

Two book series that I have recently discovered that contain some of my favorite dragons are “The Dragonkeeper Chronicles” by Donita K. Paul and “Adventures Wanted” by Mark Forman. The first book out of five in the Dragonkeeper series is “Dragonspell” were teenage Kale tries to find understanding in the world beyond her small village while protecting and teaching her dragon hatchlings. 

In the “Adventures Wanted” series there are three books out with a fourth book on the way.  Starting with "Slathbog's Gold,” fifteen year old Alex Taylor is bored with his life working in his stepfather's inn. He wants an adventure and via a hidden exit in a book store that open onto another land, he enters into one.  Joining a group that contains elves and dwarves to help slay an evil dragon, he will meet many new friends and make a few enemies.

Both series have dragons of many types which is why they are two of my favorites.  However, the library has many other wonderful dragon related novels and series to explore.  Ask at the Help Desk for more recommendations. 

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