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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Stillwater Books by Kari


This Saturday, Oct. 26 from 1-4 p.m. is the library’s very first book festival.  It’s called “Read Local” and will feature over 30 local authors who will be on hand to sell their books. All of the authors have a connection to our community (or within 50 miles).  The authors have written adult, teen and children’s books in all sorts of subject areas…thrillers, inspirational, history and more.  In searching for authors who lived in the Stillwater area, we also discovered many books that take place in the Stillwater area.  Although these authors will not be at the fair, you may want to check them out sometime and see how Stillwater is represented in literature.

For the kiddos, we have a 2012 Oklahoma Sequoyah book called “Annie Glover is NOT a Tree Lover,” by Darleen Bailey Beard.  Annie Glover’s grandma, who is always protesting something, chains herself to a century-old tree that is scheduled to be cut down to make way for a new swimming-pool.  This book is based on the true story in Stillwater, in which a woman chained herself to a tree in order to protect it from being cut down for the hospital's parking lot expansion.  

In mystery, we have “Murder in Morrill,” by B. H. B. Harper.  Claire is a new hire in the English Department of Oklahoma State University.  A colleague has been murdered and his missing briefcase is found in her locked office.  Claire is now a person of interest.  In order to exonerate herself, she attempts to find the murderer, which leads her into campus politics and family secrets.  

B. H. B. Harper has another book called “Highest Bidder,” in which the main character, Elsa, has a teaching position at Oklahoma State University.  In her spare time she attends an occasional auction where she collects Lakeland pottery.  She and Stephen, with whom she is becoming attached, try to break up a counterfeit operation by a gentleman they call “the vampire.”  

“Jumper,” by Steven Gould, is a Sci Fi story about David, a teenager who escapes an abusive household using his ability to teleport.  He meets a woman who goes to school at Oklahoma State University, where he visits her.  

And finally, a hot romance novel titled “One Night with a Cowboy,” written by Cat Johnson, has just made its way to our new bookshelf.  Dr. Rebecca Hart has just lost her job as an assistant professor of English at Vassar University, at which time she goes home to find her boyfriend moving out.  She travels to Oklahoma State University for a job interview, where she meets bull rider Tucker Jenkins.  Their romance sparks in that short visit, but ends when she returns home.  After taking the OSU teaching position, she is introduced to Staff Sgt. Jenkins, who teaches in the ROTC program, where, again, sparks fly. 

So come by and pick up one of these books with local places you’ll recognize.  And come to “Read Local” on Saturday to support our local writers!

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