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Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Library: Rediscovered By Tiara

I remember when I was a kid discovering the library and all of its wonders for the first time. I spent several delightful summers at the library entertaining new interests and making new friends. I enjoyed field trips to see various performers and shows, and I even had the opportunity to be a part of one of Rana McCoy’s first Children’s Operetta’s: Cinderella.

Indeed, I have fond memories of this library from my childhood.  And now, from my front row seat at the Help Desk, I am a witness to all of the action in the library.  I see who is coming and going; I see which books are flying off the shelves; and I see how the library is shaping young minds. 

Particularly, I realize how my interests changed since the first day I walked in to the Stillwater Public Library. I may have been 8 or 9. I would tag along with my dad and older brother. I started off only wanting to play games on the computer, but found myself mindfully roaming through the isles looking for something to keep me occupied. Eventually, I would sit on a couch for hours until I finished the R.L Stine or Roald Dahl book that I planned to just skim. From then on, I spent my time in the young adult section reading mysteries and anything that looked suspenseful.

Though, I still loved to get on to the computer, somewhere along the line I upgraded from playing games to using the computer to type up my own stories and poems. I would scour the World Wide Web for places to post and reads material written by kids like me or people with my interests.

Now, I love getting reacquainted with my library and seeing how others discover it every day. And this time around, I am the one that gets to answer people’s questions and assist with finding or recommending books. It feels great to be a part of the discovery process, and I couldn’t ask for a better place to be.

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