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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Touring Stillwater’s History by Stacy

If you are as interested in Downtown Stillwater history as I am, then you have a wide variety of resources at your disposal to delve deep into the good old days.  One of my very favorite resources is the Downtown Stillwater walking tour put together by our amazing librarian, Andrea Kane.  Andrea produced a block by block history of Main Street and the adjacent numbered streets that populate Downtown.  She has provided the names of the businesses formerly located on each block, along with photos and anecdotes as she was able to find them.

When we were working on her research for the guide, we had the great pleasure of touring several of the upstairs spaces of many of the oldest buildings.  Getting to see the original tin ceiling covered up for decades and inspecting the layers upon layers of wallpaper dating back to the 1920s was a real treat.

We are incredibly fortunate to have such an enjoyable document based on amazing historians like Newsom, Cunningham, Chapman,Bassler (and Kane!).  It has been quite a few years since we’ve given a Downtown walking tour, so it is definitely time for someone to dust off our guide and head back Downtown! Since we are encouraging the entire community to mob Downtown with us on Friday, why not go ahead and download a copy of the guide to your tablet or print out a paper copy and spend the afternoon celebrating reading, shopping and eating and getting a glimpse of Downtown history.

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