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Monday, November 22, 2010

"Devils in Exile" by Mary Beth


It's been said that no one understands the criminal underbelly of Boston like best selling author Chuck Hogan.  In his latest novel "Devils in Exile," Hogan takes the reader on a heart pounding odyssey into the city's volatile drug trade and proves it.

Former Iraqi War vet, Neal Maven finds a sense of purpose and the adrenaline high he's been missing when he meets former military man, Brad Royce.  Royce has money, charisma and confidence and he recruits Maven into a small team of former vets that intercepts drug deals.  They destroy the product while pocketing the money, a get-rich scheme with a moral imperative that appeals to Maven whose stepsister died from a drug overdose.

Royce also has a beautiful woman - someone Maven knew from high school.  And then, as now, she is his dream girl.  In a short time, Maven has more money than he's ever seen and the good life seems within reach.

But the success rate of their well-planned and executed missions suddenly begins to change.  Mistakes happen, the risks increase.  Boston's drug kingpins place a bounty on their heads and hire two Jamaican hit men with an affinity for eyeball souvenirs.  The multi-agency DEA-headed task force closes in on them.

Maven is as confused as ever.  Who is Royce?  How does he get his inside information?  Why are the ops going wrong?

Hogan, whose "Prince of Thieves" was recently released as the movie "The Town," delivers his most thrilling novel yet.


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