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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Find New Traditions @ Stillwater Public Library by Stacy

We’re on the cusp of a busy holiday season.  Many of us have lifelong holiday traditions for which to prepare, but for others of us, circumstances have made those traditions impractical or just plan impossible.  Maybe divorce has changed your family’s dynamics, or the economy has made your tradition too expensive, or perhaps all of the little ones have grown up and there are no longer children in your home. 

Giving up a treasured tradition can be heartbreaking, but it is also a great time to find new ways to make the holidays special.  The Stillwater Public Library can show you how to make new traditions with some of these insightful books:

·           The Heart of a Family: searching America for new traditions that fulfill us” by Meg Cox—a nice book filled with examples from different families on how they celebrate special occassions and holidays.

·           Creating Family Traditions: making memories in festive seasons” by Gloria Gaither & Shirley Dobson—religious oriented take on activities that will be especially meaningful for children.

·           Giving Love a Memory: creating traditions your family will cherish” by Ruthann Winans & Linda Lee—a very short book with lots of small activities to commemorate the special days of the year and events in life.

·           The Joy of Family Traditions” by Jennifer Trainer Thompson—gives an exhaustive list of different holidays and special occasions that call for a tradition.  Includes histories of special occasions and provides world-wide traditions.

·           New Traditions: redefining celebrations for today’s family” by Susan Abel Lieberman—includes two great chapters on single-parent homes and traditions for “Daddies.”

·           Family Traditions: celebrations for holidays and everyday” by Elizabeth Berg—a great book that explains how to make everyday traditions and “no-reason” traditions.  It covers many different holidays as well.

·           Christmas at Our House: family holiday traditions” by Donna Green—this is not an idea book so much as a great listing of holiday activities to think about so that you can identify the activities your family does every year and decide whether they are traditions worth keeping.

There is still plenty of time to decide what to do to make this holiday memorable and special.  These books and more will be out on display, so stop by and check them out!

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