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Friday, April 15, 2011

The best parts of being your librarian by Stacy

This week is National Library Week and while we have been asking all of you to tell us what you like best about the Stillwater Public Library, I’m taking this opportunity to say what I like best about being your librarian.

·             I love books, so there is no way around it—my favorite thing is when you come in and tell me that you loved a book I suggested.  But even better is when I get to tell you that I loved a book you suggested.  Then, I get to tell everyone else.  It’s a wonderful, powerful, living network of literary knowledge. 

·             Monday mornings can start off pretty hectically.  There are lots of weekend phone calls and emails to answer and everyone is generally in another manic Monday mode.  Then, storytime lets out.  All our tiny visitors stream out with one arm thrown around a little buddy and the other arm clutching a book.  They’ve got a crown on their head or a chick hatching from its egg or one of the million other little crafts that they’ve learned to make.  Every Monday morning, I get to remember all over again the love, warmth, and awe that come from a trip to the library.

·             A reference librarian in a mid-sized, non-research library is most definitely a "Jack of all trades and a master of none."  I don’t know much about any particular topic (other than librarianship), but I know a little about a ton of topics because I’ve had a chance to look up all of your questions.  I am astonished by the diversity of your interests and your endless curiosity.  It keeps my mind fresh and agile.  Keep your questions coming, because reference librarians live for them!

·             I love that I get to see so many different people of all different ages and from all different areas of the town.  From the newborn whose mother is bringing him in for his first visit (and for her first chance to get out of the house!) to the Goth-dressed kids with hearts of gold to the gentlemen who recount their days during World War II, librarians get to meet them all.

·             What we all love the most is your support.  It’s no secret that we’ve obviously had a rough couple weeks here at the library, but your support tells us that all of our work is worth it. 

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