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Thursday, April 7, 2011

A New Pet for Your Home by Brenna

Pet adoption can be an overwhelming experience.  Are you a cat or dog person?  Do you go to a breeder or a rescue center?  Will you adopt a young animal or an older one?  Which breed is right for you?  When you also take in to account your living space, how much time you have to offer for play and exercise?  It can almost seem like too much!  

Fortunately there are books and organizations to help you in your search for a satisfying companion. 

 Books such as “New Dog: Choosing Wisely and Ensuring a Happily Ever After” by Dr. Bruce Fogle and “Essential Cat: The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your Cat” by Caroline Davis can help greatly in your selection process.  These books include the particular needs of each breed such as exercise requirements, grooming, and common health problems.  The library also has tons of books specific to certain breeds.  Armed with this information, selecting the right friend for you and your family will be much easier. 

Organizations such as Animal Welfare, the Humane Society and Tiny Paws Kitten Rescue will also have information on choosing the right pet for you.  Animals from rescue centers will also come with information on their needs as well.  Most organizations will be able to tell you if the pet prefers a quiet home without other animals or if it plays well with other pets and children.

Which ever you choose, whether it’s a little guy from a breeder or an adorable mutt from the shelter (remember! shelters also have many pure-bred pets), I hope you find much happiness with your new family member and them with you.   

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