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Monday, August 8, 2011

Hot days-cool treats by Stacy

When I was little, we drove through Yuma, Arizona where it was 106 degrees.  We told everyone we knew about it and NO ONE had ever been anywhere with a temperature that high.  I’m looking at the weather pop-up on my computer right now and it is 110 degrees.  After a month of these temps, the only thing to do is stay inside or in the pool and arm myself with some cool treats.  The library has a ton of books to help you find the coolest of these treats.

If ice cream keeps you cool, try out the Farm Journal Magazine’s recipe compilation book (641.8 Far) which includes a delicious section on homemade sherbets like creamy lime, cranberry and cantaloupe, as well as unusual ice creams like coconut-honey and lemonade.  In “Giada at Home,” de Larentiis gives a wonderful recipe for Pomegranate and mint sorbet that mixes both ingredients with chocolate chips.  Perfect for a hot day!

 Ben & Jerry’s ice cream book (641.8 Coh) reveals the secret recipes to amazing favorites like New York Super Fudge Chunk, Cherry Garcia and many that I don’t think they even offer anymore.  Another ice cream tome is “The Ultimate Ice Cream Book” (641.8 Wein) which offers over 500 different recipes.  

Look for delicious, cold drinks in “Party Punches” (641.8 Page) which updates old favorites like lime punch and cranberry spritzer and includes many cool drinks from some of the hottest countries in the world.  Adults will enjoy the refreshing drinks in “The Essential Cocktail” (641.8 DeG).  I have my eye on a beautiful Copa Verde that mixes lime, avocado and chili with tequila.

The cookbooks in the children’s department have some great recipes too that are simple for any kid to make.  Particular favorites are The Caboose Orange Special in “The Boxcar Children Cookbook” by Diane Blain (Juv 641.5 Bla) and orange, coffee or strawberry granitas from “A Taste of Italy” by Jenny Ridgwell (Juv 641.5 Rid).

Even if it’s too hot to mix something up, just come grab a mess of these books and hang out in the library.  Browsing through the yummy pictures in the chilly library is sure to keep you cool.

Stillwater, OK 


  1. How could those of us who like to "mix it up" not want to try out the Copa Verde? Thanks!

  2. I agree. The avocado part sounded strange at first, but the picture is amazing!