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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Whoa! Horses! by Mary

Throughout my life, I have had a passionate interest in books and horses.  Although it took a long time to receive the horse, books were always available and I received many as gifts--of course all about horses! From my earliest days, I was able to view photographs and drawings of this most wonderful animal.  There was no experience more satisfying than to sit and look and learn about horses.  

As I grew, I was able to ride in my mind along the beach with Alec and the Black through the series of books written by Walter Farley.  I explored the shores of the Atlantic and Chincoteague Island through the eyes of Marguerite Henry and her stories of Misty of Chincoteague.  I shared a love of horses to equal that of Marguerite Henry.  She wrote numerous books about all kinds of horses.  “Black Gold” tells the story of young thoroughbred and his will to win.  “King of the Wind” is the story of a magnificent Arabian and his journeys.  I learned about the Grand Canyon through her story of “Brighty of the Grand Canyon,” a small wild burro and his miner friend.  Ms. Henry also has tale of the Lipizzan horses, the Morgan horse, and the wild mustangs of the west.  In her book “Album of Horses,” she discusses the many breeds of horses.

Another favorite of my childhood was the story of “BlackBeauty” written by Anna Sewell.  This tale is told by the horse and chronicles his life from birth to death.  A contemporary favorite of mine is “LittleRat Rides” by Monika Bang-Campbell.  If you ride or are thinking about it, this story will make you smile and realize that riding, as with so many things, takes practice and patience to learn and become proficient.  Erica Silverman has a delightful series about “Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa.”  Susan Jeffers' beautiful illustrations in “MyPony” will take your breath away. 

If you are interested in the care and keeping of horses and ponies, look under the Dewey Decimal number 636.1.  This number will lead you to horse books in the Easy Books, Juvenile, and Adult sections of the library. 
Granted, there is nothing better than a real horse, but when you can't ride the real thing, go riding and exploring in your mind, and discover new and wonderful worlds as can only be seen through the eyes or from the back of a horse.  Happy reading!!

Stillwater, OK 

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