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Monday, July 25, 2011

Help Us Build Book Club Kits! by Stacy

If you’re in a bookclub, you know it’s hard to get books for all of your members.  Books can be expensive.  The library generally has only one or two copies of a specific title, and often if enough copies for purchase are not available nearby, you have to wait for a copy ordered online.  Once you’re done, four or eight or twelve people have the same book collecting dust.

When we started having regular bookclubs here at the library, we decided to make kits out of the books purchased for us by the Friends of the Library.  We loan them to local bookclubs so that 1) our books don’t go to waste and 2) local clubs can take a break from buying books every single month. 

But, as I said, books are expensive, so we decided to construct kits from books that are donated into the library every day.  We’ve had a lot of success.  We now have 100 kits and well over half have been constructed from every day public book donations and from our wonderful “” friend Emma who has given us 100 points (which equals 100 books!).  And, you can help too!

·             If you have a bookclub, come register with us to borrow kits.
·             If your bookclub buys books, then please, PLEASE consider using Post-Its for your notes in the books, then donate the lot of them to the library.  It’s an easy way to add a philanthropic element to your bookclub.

·             If you have ANY bookclub-type books at all, then bring them to the help desk and tell the librarian they are for the list.  We have a list of the books we’ve been able to start piecing together at  Some include “Boy in Stripped Pajamas,”  “Bookseller of Kabul,”   “Camel Bookmobile,” “Corrections,” “East of Eden,” “Gilead,” “Glass Castle,” “Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society,” “Little Bee,”   “Love in the Time of Cholera,” “Olive Kitteridge,” “Devil in the White City,” any classics, all of the Oprah Book Club books and many, many more.

Thank you ahead of time for trying to help make Stillwater the best bookclub community in the state!

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