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Monday, October 24, 2011

Can I Please Get A Pet? by Gayla

With the days getting shorter and fall-like weather approaching, this could mean less outdoor playtime for your child. Have you considered a companion who teaches life lessons about friendship, responsibility, loyalty, and empathy? For many children, the family pet can be a best friend and a wonderful experience. 

Our library has several books that help explore the World of Pets in both the
Children’s Easy and Juvenile areas. They can be found in Non-Fiction with call numbers in the 636’s.

Let’s Get a Pet” by Harriet Ziefert tells everything you will ever want to know about picking out the perfect family pet.  The “My First Pet” library from the American Humane Association series by Linda Bozzo tells about different animals such as cats and birds that make great pets.  This book series explores how to care for your first bird or your first cat. 

If you are looking for something a little different and tiny, then how about a pocket pet? A pocket pet is an animal small enough to carry around with you and stow in your pocket.  Perhaps a Degu, Flying Squirrel, or a Duprasi? “Pocket Pets” by Alvin Silverstein is an ideal book to use as a guide for which animals are suitable as pets and which are not. 

Jean Craighead George demonstrates how anyone can talk to their dog once they know the language in her book titled “How to Talk to Your Dog.”  Totally Fun Things to Do withYour Dog” by Maxine Rock is filled with games and activities for kids and their favorite four-legged friend.  Kids can discover new variations on playing catch and fetch, or teach their dog to play hide and seek.  The book shows how to throw a party for their special pooch-pals from dog weddings to birthday parties, and party games. 

Studies have shown that children can benefit from the presence of a non-judgmental pet. Pets help with loneliness, grief, pain, and fear.  A pet gives a sense of security, encourages exercise helps to broaden acquaintances, but most importantly unconditional love.  Learn more at the library!

Stillwater, OK

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