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Monday, October 3, 2011

“Garage Sale Groupies” by Stacy

Last week, several of us binged on junk at the Oklahoma-Kansas 100 Mile Long Yard Sale.  Part of our gluttonous garage sale excess can be attributed to the fact that no one had sales this summer due to the extreme heat.  So, when this delightful buffet of bargains presented itself, it was an all out junk-fest with pockets full of quarters and trunks full to bursting.  And perhaps there were a few tears and/or outbursts much like toddlers who desperately need a nap but refuse to stop playing.

Pam and Dotty getting ready to go!

The little town of Dewey outside B'ville has amazing junk stores!

Sadly, this is the old aluminum patio set that everyone wanted, but was sold just minutes before we go there.

A subpar pic of our awesome table of loot!  What shall we do with it?!

To figure out what I’m going to do with my new treasures, I’ve gotten some help from some of these super guides:

Also look for “American Pickers Guide to Picking,” because you just never know if someone holding a garage sale will end up letting you go through an old attic or garage filled with junk (this actually happened to me for the first time last week and it was sort of awesome!).  I personally prefer the Picker Sisters to the American Pickers.  Some folks say the Sisters are way too sassy, but I think they’re jealous because these gals are about the only people who can pull off short-shorts and cowboy boots.

For those of you who didn’t have a garage sale this summer because of the heat, on behalf of all garage salers, I implore you to do it now!  Come check out “The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Garage and Yard Sales” or “Garage Sale Gourmet” by Chargaris and Lyman for some quick ideas on how to hold an awesome sale.  Garage salers can pick up these same books, as well as “The Rummager’s Handbook” by R.S. McClurg to brush up on the best buying strategies. 

So, lay out your junk for us, then get out of my way!

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