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Monday, December 19, 2011

Stillwater Public Library makes holiday giving a piece of fruitcake by Stacy

Weston Sumner, age four, and his mother Shawna enjoy a gingerbread house display on a trip together to the Stillwater Public Library.

With just weeks (now days!) to go until Christmas, many people have not completed their shopping.  Whether because it is difficult to find a meaningful gift or because finances are tight, gift giving can be stressful and often can result in overspending.  This year, gift givers will find many inexpensive and unique gifts at Stillwater Public Library to help complete shopping lists.

Anyone who loves to read loves the semi-annual Friends of the Library book sale.  Gift certificates for the sale are available at the Check Out desk and come in $5.00 increments.  Another option is to purchase a Friends of the Library membership.  Annual memberships are $10.00 and allow members to preview and shop the sale before it is opened to the public.  With memberships ending December 31, every person with an annual membership will need a new one for the 2012 book sales. 

A small version of those sales takes place year-round in the library’s north lobby.  The book sale is open during all library business hours, so even shoppers who wait until the last minute can purchase a meaningful gift all the way up to 5 p.m. on Christmas Eve.  A wide variety of novels, non-fiction, young adult and children’s books are available for $1-2.

Shoppers who have at least a few more days to plan have other options.  One is to purchase a book or magazine subscription for the library in the name of the recipient.  Go by the business office Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to arrange this gift. 

Another option is a gift to the Stillwater Public Library Trust.  The Trust gladly accepts monetary gifts of any size.  Trust monies are invested and the interest income is available to the library to use for equipment, programs and services.  These gifts have been invaluable in keeping the library running.

A great gift that is absolutely free is a library card.  Parents might consider purchasing a children’s book from the lobby sale and adding a “coupon” with a pledge to take the child to get a card on a specific day.  Both the parent and child need to be present, but as long as the parent lives, works or goes to school in Payne County, then the card is free.

Gift givers might also check out the library’s frugal gift list compiled for a program earlier this month.  It is located on the library’s homepage and contains gift ideas that generally cost $1-2 and take less than one hour to make.  Stop by the library’s craft section for how-to materials on making other similar gifts.

Speaking of books, there is not a much better gift for book lovers than a personalized list of books they are sure to love.  Purchase an inexpensive journal, and then let a librarian know which authors the recipient likes.  The librarian can assist in compiling a list of author “read-alikes” for the journal that will keep the recipient reading for months to come.

For help arranging any of these gifts, call 405-372-3633 or email 

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