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Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy or Unhappy Boss Day? by Stacy

‘National Boss Day’ is October 16.  Some of us will be getting a card and cake for our boss or maybe taking them out to lunch.  Other employees though are probably just trying to make it through the day dealing with a boss they’d rather not have.  If you are one of the unlucky latter, the library has tons of material on making your situation more manageable.  Come in to check out some of the following choices:

·             Coping with toxic managers, subordinates and other difficult people” by Roy Lubit.  Lubit describes twenty types of toxic boss behaviors, then how to artfully deal with your problem boss without losing your job or sanity.

·             Throwing the elephant: Zen and the art of managing up” by Stanley Bing.  Bing teaches the Zen method of working with your difficult boss.

·             Followership: how followers are creating change and changing leaders” by Barbara Kellerman.  Kellerman explains how employees can change their own response to their rank, their superiors and work situations.

Now, if you are the boss who finds no sweets on your desk Oct. 16, you may want to think about coming by to check out one of the following:

·             Good boss, bad boss” by Robert Sutton.  Sutton helps managers assess whether they are good, so-so or inept and what to do to become one of the good ones.

·             Managing to stay out of court: how to avoid the 8 deadly sins of mismanagement" by Jathan Janove.  Janove explains the worst eight sins managers commit and how to correct them.

·             Too many bosses, too few leaders” by Rajeev Peshawaria.  Being hired as a manager does not mean you are necessarily a good boss.  Peshawaria explains what managers need to do to lead.

And last, if you are unhappy at work, you may want to reflect on whether it is your boss who is the problem or whether it could actually be you (or both!):

·             Working for you isn't working for me: the ultimate guide to managing your boss” by Katherine Crowley.  Crowley explains how to distance yourself from and depersonalize bad boss behavior, while also helping you examine whether you are part of the problem.

·             Drama-Free Office” by Jim Warner and Kaley Klemp.  Find out whether you are the person in the office causing all of the drama and how to correct it if you are.

Stop by anytime for all sorts of resources on being happier and more effective at work whether you are a manager or an employee.  Investigate our material on emotional intelligence at work, time management, project management, inspiring others, delegating, planning, collaboration and working with or managing different types of employees.

Happy Boss Day!

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