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Monday, May 13, 2013

Testing Resources by ReShicka Hawkins

As we get closer and closer to the summer, a lot of people are getting excited and spending time day dreaming about enjoying some well earned pool time, going on a fun vacation with their family or even being able to flip some burgers out on the grill.  Well, snap out it!  Although summer is so close, we have to get serious because a lot of important deadlines are approaching, especially in the education world.

Some of you may be students or parents of students and know that we are nearing crunch time for studying for the ACT, SAT, AP, CLEP or GRE exams. Lucky for us, we have a fantastic library with all sorts of different studying resources.  Of course, when you think about materials at the library, your first (and maybe only) thought is books. Well you are correct (partially); this library has many test prep books, but we also have a great computer resource as well. 

But first, the books.  One book in particular that I have used is called “GRE: Strategies, Practice, and Review.”  This book gave me a walk-through of what the exam should look like, how to approach certain sections of the Graduate Records Exam with detailed explanations, and most importantly, a review of the exam with multiple practice questions. 

Some of our other practice exam books include “The Princeton Review: Cracking the ACT,

 “Cracking the LSAT,” just to name a few.

However, the best resource is now online and accessible from your home. Our online testing database, Testing and Education Reference Center (TERC), is located on our webpage ( and you just need to have a library card to use it.  TERC has many tools to help students succeed, including ebooks, study courses, practice tests and even a resume builder.  It covers many tests such as AP Exams, ACT, SAT, TOEFL, federal job tests and many graduate school tests. This reference center is something I wish I would have known about when I was in high school and college.

Since you now have so many resources for test preparation, you can relax a little and look forward to the summer!

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