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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Goat Brigade by Stacy

The lawn mowing goat crew has returned to Stillwater and is hard at work.  The goat brigade is back for its second year munching away at hard to reach and dangerous to mow areas in the city.  If your family visits the goats, you may want to have some handy facts on hand.

(like how goats have a four chambered stomach that uses saliva and stomach acid to make quick work of fibers) and some great stories to read afterward. The library has a whole “herd” of goat books waiting for you in a display in the children’s section.

  • “Goats” by Kathryn Clay is a brand new easy picture book that provides all the basic details to introduce your little ones to these fascinating and helpful animals.

  • "Grumpy Goat" by Brett Helquist is a picture book story about a goat named “Goat” who is the grumpiest animal at Sunny Acres farm until he remembers that there is more to life than just eating and being alone. 

  • “Three Cool Kids” by Rebecca Emberly tells about three goat siblings who must fight a nasty rat to get to a lovely new weedy lot.  Emberley’s illustrations are all constructed out of textured paper making it the highlight of the book.


If your family is considering raising its own goats either for a mowing project, for milk or for companionship, check out a few instructional books from our adult section.      

  • Storey’s “Guide to Raising Dairy Goats” provides all the goat info you need on grooming, milking, feeding and raising kids.  It also has a section on recipes for goat products like goat milk pudding, milk soup, and ….well it is sort of sad but….goat chili.    

  • "Raising MilkGoats Successfully” by Gail Luttmann gives a bunch advice on everything from goat health to caring for udders to housing.

Stop by the library for these and more great goat books or website recommendations.  But if you are reading up on your own goats, please remember there is only one thing that is worse for a book than a teething puppy and that is a hungry goat!   


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